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Here's why Glenn Beck is cautiously optimistic about the Trump, Kim summit

Glenn Beck

What happened? 

President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un met in Singapore Monday night for a historic summit. (Get the full story with our explainer here.)

What did they talk about? 

No one knows for sure since the two world leaders met one-on-one. But Kim has promised to work toward the "denuclearization" of North Korea. At a news conference, Trump vowed that the process to denuclearize would begin “very, very quickly” and “having a lot of people in North Korea” would help confirm that the Kim regime is dismantling its weapons, Reuters reported.

Glenn's take:

On today's show, Glenn was conflicted about this story. On the one hand, seeing Kim elevated to world leader status despite his and his family's history of horrifying human rights abuses was beyond uncomfortable. But on the other, isn't beginning the conversation about a nuclear deal a step in the right direction under the circumstances?

Glenn also wanted to clarify the distinction between Trump's approach and the former Obama administration. Trump does not see America as something to apologize for.

"Our president at the time believed that we were the aggressors in the world," Glenn said of Obama.

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