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High school student challenges stereotypes against conservatives


Pennsylvania high school junior and Honor Society inductee Anna Colamarino started a conservative club at her high school.

She told TheBlaze's Allie Stuckey that one purpose of her club is to bring awareness to the United States military, and she feels President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence have led the way in their outspoken support.

The club meets to create an atmosphere where conservative students can speak freely. They also hope to dispel negative stereotypes associated with conservatism.

The high school junior indicated that social media was a major factor when it came to spreading false ideas about what conservatives really stand for. Another goal of the club is to expand other students' awareness of politics and how it impacts every day lives economically.

A year from now, Anna would love for her fellow students to say "That conservatives club? That's a good club. They're doing good things," and hopefully, "They're nice people."

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