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Hypocrite leftist snowflakes cry for Fidel Castro

Tomi Lahren

Leftists changed gears over the holiday weekend to mourn the unexpected.

And Tomi is more outraged than ever over the Left's hypocrisy in reverencing a dictator who jailed, tortured and took myriad of freedoms from his countrymen.

"This weekend, the snowflake liberals took a break from whining about their lost election; they took a break from fear mongering over Donald Trump's presidency; they took a breather from their typical poor-me, B.S. victim mentality to cry over the death of brutal dictator Fidel Castro."

"The same hypocrites that fear Donald Trump and accuse him of racism, sexism, bigotry, homophobia and intolerance while praising an actual dictator, who actually imprisoned and tortured the very people the Left claims to protect," Tomi continued. "This is lunacy."

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