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Ireland pays its citizens to use 'environmentally friendly' fuel -- the results were predictable


It's hard to believe, but there's more in Ireland than leprechauns and Bono. We didn't believe it either, but Stu Burguiere learned that Ireland also has renewable heat. Well, it would have, were it not a total #GREENFAIL.

Northern Ireland's Renewable Heat Incentive tried to encourage its citizens to use biomass fuel, which is just a fancy name for wood pellets. "The Wonderful World of Stu" reported that every Irishman who spent £100 ($127) on wood pellets would get £160 ($204) back from the government.

The results were exactly what any thinking person with a vague working knowledge of math would imagine: people started buying pellets just to have a passive income stream. People started heating empty barns and factories.

Ireland's Renewable Heat Incentive was a massive waste of tax payer money to the tune of over £600 million ($765 million), in addition to actually making the environment worse. The European Union labeled wood a carbon neutral fuel, which it is not. It can release three percent more carbon than coal and twice as much as natural gas.

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