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Is this a gas shortage crisis or are we just panicking?


Gas stations across the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex are running out of gas and long lines are forming at those that still have supplies. In the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, countless fuel refineries have been shut down in Houston and the surrounding areas, which make up more than a fifth of the nation’s refining capacity, and North Texas is already feeling the shortages.

Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere, who consider themselves well versed in the art of “preparedness,” offered some advice today on “Pat & Stu.”

“A little bit less than a quarter of a tank [of gas] is, I think, the right place to be right now,” said Stu, after admitting he had only “about 47 miles left in my tank.”

“Last night we kinda got into a panic situation,” said Pat, “So at 11 o’clock at night we went out to get gas.”

According to The Dallas Morning News, gas shortages are often created by people panicking to top off their tanks. The sudden spike in demand renders the regular deliveries inadequate, creating the shortage.

"We're not at a real gas shortage situation, I don't think," ventured a not-so-confident sounding Stu.

Jeffy Fisher then added, "It's gonna seem like it, though."

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