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Jack Barsky led a double life as a KGB agent in America

Glenn Beck

Today on "Glenn", Glenn Beck welcomed former KGB spy Jack Barsky, author of "Deep Undercover", to talk about the intrigue of his former life and defection to the United States.

The life of a KGB agent in America was fraught with secrets and codes. Splotches of paint on seemingly random railings signaled messages from his superiors, based on the color and size. One day, the splotch was red, which meant "Get out!" But Barsky stayed.

In 1988, the year that particular message was sent, Barsky was an East German working for Russia undercover in the United States.  "You don't resign from that company," he said. Staying in American effectively tendered his "resignation".

Barsky lived a double life, keeping his status from his wife, who initially married him to get a green card. He had never been able to tell her he was not a citizen. One day, in order to prove to his wife that he loved her during an argument, he disclosed he had been a KGB agent and defied them to keep her and their daughter safe.

He said the admission "backfired in a major way," because she was more annoyed by the fact that his revelation meant that she was still in the country illegally than that he had been KGB.

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