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John Ziegler provides a new spin on the Penn State scandal

Pat and Stu

John Ziegler, host of the nationally-syndicated John and Leah Show, joins Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere to share his unconventional perspective on the 2011 Penn State scandal. In John's view, the facts that support the popular narrative — that Jerry Sandusky abused countless children over a period of decades while legendary Penn State coach Joe Paterno looked the other way — don't add up. John wonders whether Paterno's Republican leanings made him a tempting target for the liberal wing of the sports media.

"The news media is not interested in the truth in this, because they've already had their fun for five years," John exclaims. "This amazing, horrendous, horrible, horrific story that was a ratings and narrative giant, and now no one wants to correct it."

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