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Joy Behar gets hot and bothered when actor-turned-politician reveals he immigrated to the US legally


When discussing immigration with actor-turned-politician Antonio Sabato Jr. on ABC's "The View," Joy Behar pretended to be a fiscal conservative for a quick second by claiming that Trump's border wall would be a waste of money.

Sabato Jr. -- who is of Italian descent, a Trump supporter and advocate for legal immigration -- perplexed the hosts by explaining to them that America's needs come first.

“The way I see it, I want the American people to be taken care of first,” he said. “I don’t want the American people to take care of everybody else’s problem."

Behar then claimed that if past administrations held the same ideals the present administration does, he'd "still be in Italy."

But there's one big difference between Sabato Jr. and the "dreamers."

“I came here legally,” he said. “We had to wait in line and struggle and save a lot of money. There's are people like that waiting in line. So they deserve a chance.”

Still, Behar continued to babble on and claimed the border wall is a "waste of money" since "people who are coming in even legally or illegally are flying in."

Sabato Jr. has been blacklisted by Hollywood for openly supporting Trump and running for Congress as a Republican in California.

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