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Katy ISD superintendent shows no remorse after man he allegedly bullied confronts him

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Katy ISD superintendent Lance Hindt has tormented his peers for years. A continuation of this torment felt by many in the community manifested itself at a board meeting after Greg Gay, who now goes by Greg Barrett, confronted Hindt for bullying him to the brink of death in junior high school.

In a viral video, Barrett described the horrible bullying Hindt afflicted on him as a child that drove him to the point of nearly killing himself with his father's handgun. When Barrett confronted Hindt in front of board members, it was met with a dismissive laugh from Hindt.

Here's what Barrett said to Katy ISD board members: 

Hindt gave a follow-up statement on Barrett's accusations, showed zero remorse, and claimed that only God will judge him and evoked his salvation. Hindt has long been accused of violent behavior including assaulting a man in an alley that left him unconscious and resulted in a fractured skull, broken ribs, and two brain surgeries.

Here's what Hindt said: 

"Ultimately, I will be judged by one person and that is God my Lord and Savior," said Hindt. According to Fox 26, when asked if board members were aware of Hindt's violent outbursts before hiring him, they said the 1983 civil case was dismissed and that they "stand firmly behind him as our superintendent."

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