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MEDIA LIES: NPR reporter disproves her own claim regarding little girls pictured at border


“Trustworthy” NPR is at it again. This week, a reporter with National Republic Radio made an appearance on MSNBC to discuss the border crisis and, you guessed it, President Donald Trump. The reporter is claiming that the media is not showing any images of young girls at the border.

“It’s playing into what the president said yesterday in his own words, that these are thieves," she said. "It plays into the sense that boys, boys of color, young boys who don’t speak English are a threat. That they are ... all potential MS-13 gang members. So what we’re not seeing, you’re right, are the pictures of little girls.”

Doc Thompson pointed out that while this reporter is spouting her claim, a picture of a little girl at the border is behind her on the screen. He goes on to say, “Later on, they actually go to another video ... of them with girls and nobody goes, ‘It was right there.’”

Watch the clip above to see the “News and Why It Matters” crew discuss this false reporting.

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