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Menswear company releases social justice ad to ‘redefine’ masculinity

Doc Thompson

A new advertisement has recently emerged from a menswear company called Bonobos. Instead of advertising their new line of pants, the company decided to tackle a different topic: masculinity.

The advertisement included several young men reading the definition of the word “masculine.” All of the men admitted that they did not fit that specific definition; therefore, it is time to change the definition. The men in the video were all different but shared one common agenda. Through a campaign called #EvolveTheDefinition, the company hopes to change the world’s perspective on masculinity. There’s only one problem: their job is to sell pants.

On today’s episode of “The Morning Blaze,” Doc Thompson and Kris Cruz were taken aback by this ad. “The problem is that they’re conflating ‘male’ with ‘masculine,’ and those are not the same things,” Doc said.

Watch the clip to see Doc’s and Kris’ full reactions.

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