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Mike Lee has some words of advice following the VA shooting

Glenn Beck

Rep. Steve Scalise was shot in the hip Wednesday during an attack in Alexandria, Va., when a shooter opened fire on the GOP congressional baseball team at practice in what was reportedly a “deliberate attack.” The shooting suspect is now in custody, Alexandria police told CNN.

Sen. Mike Lee joined “The Glenn Beck Radio Program” shortly after the news broke Wednesday to talk about the story. Because Scalise is part of Republican House leadership as the House Majority Whip, he has a security detail, something that may have saved the lives of the lawmakers there, Lee explained.

A member of Scalise’s security detail reportedly returned fire on the shooter even though the officer himself was wounded in the leg, according to CNN.

“Had Steve Scalise and his security detail not been there … they would have been sitting ducks,” Lee told Glenn Beck on Wednesday’s show.

Lee had some words of wisdom for people discussing the story today, echoing Glenn’s remonstration not to speculate on the shooter’s motive until we know more.

“You will never regret being kind,” Lee said. “You will never regret uttering words that are … meant to bring people together rather than tear them apart and inflame them.”

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