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Minor league team temporarily rebrands with 'Pizza Rat.' This group is already offended.


What's going on? 

The Staten Island Yankees, a Class-A affiliate of the New York Yankees, have temporarily rebranded their uniforms and logo in a fun marketing stunt that turns them into the "Staten Island Pizza Rats."

For the promotion, the players will wear uniforms with the Pizza Rats logo for five games. If you don’t remember, New York’s “pizza rat” went viral when a clip of a rat dragging a piece of pizza hit the internet a few years ago.

So is pizza offensive now? 

Apparently. An Italian-American group is offended that the fourth of five planned Pizza Rats games happens to fall on the same night as Italian Heritage Night, Deadspin reported. Because minor league baseball depends on promotions to help bring in fans, it's very common for one game to have multiple promotions that help sell tickets.

"In their infinite wisdom, they have decided to add 'Rats' to 'Pizza” ( Yes! Pizza.. One of the few positive things people automatically associate with Italians and Italy)," an offended member of Order Sons of Italy in America wrote in a letter. "As a proud, long standing resident of Staten Island, I am appalled.”

Doc's take: 

On today's show, Doc and Kris couldn't believe that anyone would be offended by pizza.

"Anything pizza-related, you're good," Doc joked.

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