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New budget has no funding for the wall: will voters give Trump a pass?

Glenn Beck

President Donald Trump has made it to the 100-day mark of his presidency, a milestone that has been used to gauge the success of past presidents. It's also a mark that Trump pointed to during his campaign, vowing to fulfill a list of promises to voters by that point.

On Monday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn Beck asked callers from around the country to give their thoughts on Trump’s presidency so far. Has he fulfilled his campaign promises or not?

Dave from Georgia said he would give Trump a “B-“ or maybe a “C+” because he has done a few good things. He described his personal conflict as someone with a Hispanic heritage and a military background who is torn on sanctuary cities.

“I have a mixture of feelings on that, but I think that you do have to look at immigration as a whole, and that he is looking at immigration as a whole,” Dave said.

Glenn noted that he had asked Trump supporters before the election if there was anything Trump could do that would make them turn on him. "The answer was yes, if he doesn't build the border wall," Glenn remembered, adding that the latest government spending packagedoes not include funding for Trump's promised wall on the southern border.

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