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Ohio CPS took 7-year-old from parents without cause

Ohio CPS took 7-year-old from parents without cause

Do you think you know what’s best for your kids? You could end up battling the state for your child like this Ohio family.

On Thursday, Glenn Beck and the guys talked to Ohio parents Christian and Katie Maple, who have been fighting the state to get back their 7-year-old son, Camden. Their son’s school called Child Protective Services (CPS) after the family refused to have their typically “rambunctious” son evaluated for mental health.

After a month-long battle, dad Christian and stepmom Katie finally have their child back in their home, but they are still entangled in a court fight that is costing the family emotionally as well as financially. The couple, who welcomed their sixth child to the family in January, have set up a GoFundMe page to help with legal expenses.

Christian described Camden as “creative” and smart, tending to finish his classwork early and then act up due to boredom.

"The school has been pushing for ADD medication for a long time. ... That's just going to stifle his creativity. I don't want to medicate my son because he's an average 7-year-old boy that is creative. That's nothing wrong with my son; that's something wrong with the curriculum and the school being able to handle a little boy."

The trouble started about a month ago when Camden was sent to the school office for disrupting the class. A school counselor talked to the 7-year-old, who said he was upset and wanted to erase himself from the Earth.

“The counselor at the school was asking him leading questions. … She asked him ‘Well, how would you do that.’ She prompted him to divulge a plan,” Christian described, saying he was at the school to pick up his son  five minutes after they called him. He and Katie talked to Camden, who told them he just wanted to get a rise out of the counselor.

When the Maples refused to take their son for a medical evaluation, the school called Ohio CPS. Camden was taken away for a month, and the case is still ongoing.

Glenn summed up the absurdity of the nanny state: “It is absolute craziness what we allow.”

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