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Pat Gray goes soft on Jeff Fisher while Stu Burguiere recuperates


Stu Burguiere returns to"Pat & Stu" after recovering from an illness, and he has a score to settle with Pat Gray. One of our devoted and committed audience members emailed Stu while he was out to alert him to the fact that Pat was being much kinder to Jeff Fisher in Stu's absence. Stu is stunned by the personal betrayal.

The loyal fan reports that "Pat was indeed nicer than necessary to Jeffy" while Stu was ill and even thanked him and paid him compliments.

Pat and Jeffy aren't certain their relationship was quite as warm as described. "I can guarantee you I don't recall a compliment, but there might be one in there," Jeffy laughs.

Stu expects the show's lofty standards to be met, even when he's away: "Just because I'm out doesn't mean you let the thing go to the crapper."

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