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President Obama snubs Israel, allows exploit of western compassion to gain concessions


International Relations Expert Philippe Assouline joins Tomi Lahren to discuss President Obama's display to the world of how we treat our friends. Philippe mentions how the primary issue diplomats have missed in the past twenty years related to the negotiations is marketing.

Philippe explains how the Palestinians have been using their children or "child soldiers," in a propaganda war both for and against the United States. He explains how the Palestinians put their children on the front lines and they get killed as human shields. Continually they exploit western compassion to get the concessions they are after which this resolution is proof of.

"They [Palestinians] abuse Americans compassion by using the images, that has framed the entire conflict," Philippe says. He discloses how the negotiations have been going on for over 23 years and are currently stalled due to the Palestinians having nothing to gain by negotiating seriously.

"I'm so sick of this oppression narrative that's being exploited both within the United States and abroad because that's how they're marketing this thing," Tomi states. "This is just another load of crap and another use of a buzzword to redefine a narrative and rewrite a story that is not in the truth.

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