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Rescue seizure alert dog spreading epilepsy awareness


Tomi brings you a discussion with the winner of Today's American Woman National Elegant Teen 2016 and author of "Justice, A Queen's Seizure Alert Dog It's My Job To Alert Her," Jody Rose Furrh. Jody explains how she was looking for a service dog because she was having seizures lasting two or more hours long. Jody's mother called the Humane Society who informed the family about Justice, a rescue who was a good listener and would probably work the best for them.

"I wanted to spread epilepsy awareness because I knew there were people out there who didn't know exactly what was going on, or I think they knew I was different," Jody says. "I didn't want them to know, I wanted them to know more about epilepsy, I wanted them to be educated, I wanted to get it everywhere."

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