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Researcher: 'I could not find a single Republican' who taught gender studies at top-ranked colleges


Campus Reform reported on a new study conducted by Mitchell Langbert at Brooklyn College that found liberal professors overwhelmingly outnumber conservatives 12 to 1. The study examined 8,688 tenured professors and found that 60 percent are registered as either Democrat or Republican at 51 of 66 top-ranked colleges from 2017.

"The political registration in most of the remaining 61 percent, with a few important exceptions, is slightly more than zero percent but nevertheless absurdly skewed against Republican affiliation and in favor of Democratic affiliation. Thus, 78.2 percent of the academic departments in my sample have either zero Republicans, or so few as to make no difference," Langbert found.

"The mean Democratic-to-Republican ratio (D:R) across the sample is 10.4:1, but because of an anomaly in the definition of what constitutes a liberal arts college in the U.S. News survey, I include two military colleges, West Point and Annapolis. If these are excluded, the D:R ratio is a whopping 12.7:1."

A whopping 12 liberal professors for every one Republican professor.

The reason this is so problematic says Langbert is that "political homogeneity" creates "biases in research and teaching and reduces academic credibility." The author also asserts that because left-wing bias among college professors is so prevalent, "psychologists are far more likely to study the character and evolution of individuals on the Right than individuals on the Left.”'

And get this

Langbert didn't find a single Republican in interdisciplinary studies, the most ideological field. He said he "could not find a single Republican with an exclusive appointment to fields like gender studies, Africana studies, and peace studies.”

See the clip above to find out how Pat reacted to the stats. 

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