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Roy Williams models how you can defuse a contentious political argument through active listening


Glenn Beck continues his discussion with Roy Williams, co-author of Pendulum, regarding the cyclical transitions every society goes through, from a "me generation" to a "we generation" and back again. As we approach the zenith of a "me generation" with Millennials beginning to assume positions of power and authority in American society, Roy describes the steps Americans must take to promote honest, empathetic political discourse.

"The 'we generation' promotes enemies, doesn't it?" Glenn asks.

Roy agrees in part: "In a witch hunt, yes. Now if you're going to defuse that, it only takes one person. It doesn't take both. Imagine this. Imagine a debate where two people come together, and the assumption is they're going to try to embarrass each other and make each other look stupid and disprove the other one. Now imagine if one of them listened very, very, very carefully to what the other one was saying. ... Now what did the person who understood and relayed the understanding of the other person's position, what did they just gain? Authority. They've now gained credibility that cannot be taken away."

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