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Study claims Trump's electoral win is making men more sexist

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A new study conducted by students at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania says men are more aggressive and sexist since the election of President Donald Trump.

The experiment around which the study was based was intended to measure how Wharton alumni treated each other when asked to split $20 with an unnamed partner. In some cases, alumni were told the gender of their partner, and in other cases the gender was kept secret. The two had to negotiate the final result, or both walked away with no money.

The study reveals: “Over a series lab experiments, conducted before and after Election Day, they observed a striking result: Post-election, study participants were less cooperative, more likely to use adversarial strategies, and less likely to reach an agreement with a partner. The effect was driven by an increase in men acting more aggressively toward women.”

Before Election day, they same men exhibited a “benevolent sexism,” letting women get the better of the deal in order to make things seem fair. After the election, men didn’t temper their negotiating tactics, expecting the women to play hardball. That ultimately worked in their favor, as women were less likely to stand up to the more aggressive behavior.

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