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Susan Rice didn't leak the unmasked Trump security reports — because she knew someone else would

Glenn Beck

Following up on the Susan Rice wiretap unmasking story, Glenn Beck and the Think Tank crew explored the dark truth lurking behind Rice's protestations of innocence.

Rice claims she is innocent of leaking the names of President Donald Trump's associates who were caught up in U.S. intelligence agencies' surveillance of foreign officials. Glenn admitted that this is likely true, but only because Rice knew that the unmasked reports would soon fall into the hands of many lower-level officials, at least one of whom would certainly leak them to the news media once the Trump connections were revealed.

Glenn then criticized Rice's unmasking requests for taking advantage of the large degree of discretion given to her as National Security Adviser.

"If you're the head of the National Security Council, you have the most clout. If Glenn Beck from the White House says, 'Hey, we need this unmasked,' they're going to say, 'How did you get this report?' But if I'm some other agency, I'm not at the head of the National Security Council, they're going to question me pretty deeply, 'Why do you need that name unmasked?' ... [If] I'm the next person down from the president, all I have to say to you is, 'I need those names unmasked.' We trust — and we should trust — 'I didn't do it for political reasons.' Then tell us why. That wall was built for a reason. Tell us why you unmasked those names."

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