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Texas couple follows passion and founds snack food company

Pat and Stu

Brad and Hannah Montgomery, founders and co-owners of Texas-based snack company Couple of Cooks, stopped by "Pat & Stu" on Monday to recount how they found the courage to start their company just over a year ago.

While Pat Gray and Stu Burguiere enthusiastically sampled the variety of snack mixes, Hannah talked about how the couple drew on their shared passion for cooking and decided to put their dreams into action:

"We love to cook, but we're not chefs. We're just a couple of cooks. So we wanted to do something with our own food and our own recipes forever, but what do you do? So we were making our snack mix and giving it as Christmas presents for years and years and years. ... Well, we just got sick of talking about doing something, and this past January that was our New Year's resolution. 'We're going to do it this year.'"

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