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The Case for Christ' film offers historical evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus

Dana Loesch

Bestselling author Lee Strobel joined Dana Loesh tonight on "Dana" to discuss his book "The Case for Christ," which has been turned into a movie and will be arriving in theaters April 7.


Strobel wrote "The Case for Christ" in 1998 after a journey from atheism to Christianity. He recounted how his wife became a Christian, that he "thought that this was the worst news [he] could possibly get." Realizing that the Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the linchpin of Christianity, he set out on what turned out to be a two-year investigation of the historicity of the Resurrection, hoping to disprove it. What happened instead was that he discovered evidence for the Resurrection and for the claims of Christianity and became a Christian himself.

The book, "The Case for Christ" recounts, not only his journey, but every stone that he uncovers in his investigation along the way. The movie does the same, and Lee pointed out that, in the test audiences, it has been resonating with Christians as well as non-Christians, which prompted Dana to ask if he found that surprising. Strobel responded:

"People want something solid. They want to know that what they believe is not based on mythology, and legend, and make believe, and wishful thinking but it really has a foundation of historical reality. and my research that i did for two years of my life into the resurrection of Jesus convinced me that it's an actual event of history."

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