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The GOP just gained the upper hand in West Virginia after the state's Supreme Court was impeached

Doc Thompson

On Wednesday, Doc Thompson analyzed the state of affairs in West Virginia after the entire Supreme Court of Appeals was impeached in a historic decision on Monday.

"You'd like to think the judicial branch of government is better than — they're not," Doc said. "It happens all the time, but there may be a little more to this."

Doc explained in Wednesday's segment that the impeachment articles were down a party-line vote and that there is something very significant about that.

There were 14 articles of impeachment against four of the sitting justices over alleged misuse of taxpayer money for office renovations and improper use of a historic desk.

Eleven of the articles were approved Monday and fell along party lines.

Doc argued that the fallout from the allegations will more than likely fare well for Republicans in West Virginia.

New York Magazine said the same thing Tuesday, noting, "The West Virginia GOP, on the other hand, may not have to worry about Democrats on their state’s Supreme Court for the rest of this decade."

To read the full list of charges, click here and catch Doc's response to the debacle in the clip above.

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