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The left increasingly engages in violence to stop free speech

Dana Loesch

David Limbaugh, author of "The True Jesus" and many best selling political books joined Dana Loesch tonight on "Dana" to focus on why the left now protest free speech instead of calling for it. They seem to believe that speech professing conservative values promotes violence.

"I actually think the Left might want violence," Limbaugh said, in that they state they want to curb speech that could lead to violence and are willing to commit violence to do so, such as the black-clad Antifa movement on college campuses.

Dana remarked that personal responsibility and limited government are "boring" ideas, and asked the author how they can be viewed as catalysts for violence.

Limbaugh explained that words no longer mean what they used to mean in a postmodern world. For the left, to be conservative is to be immoral. Therefore, he said, "We can't be allowed to speak."

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