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The Red State hit piece is an embarrassment and a distraction


Be forewarned: if you publish a hit piece on Tomi, she won't let it go unanswered. Red State contributor Kimberly Ross learned this lesson the hard way after her recent article accused Tomi of being shallow, vapid, and "a teeny-bopper Trumpkin." Tomi's line-by-line rebuttal utterly dismantles this unfounded criticism from a so-called conservative.

"Who die and appointed you the Queen of Conservatism?" Tomi asks incredulously. "You're a never-Trumper actively helping Hillary Clinton get elected!"

Tomi refuses to be distracted by this GOP in-fighting for long, however. "While the angry conservatives are busy cannibalizing their own, I'll use my energy to go after Hillary Clinton."

Focused, honest, and insightful as always, Tomi slams the book with authority on this little Red State scuffle.

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