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The Supreme Court ruling on Trump's travel ban isn't a victory for national security, says expert

Dana Loesch

President Donald Trump signed an executive order creating a travel ban on those trying to visit to America from six Muslim majority countries early in his presidency for reasons of national security, revising it on March 6. It was opposed by a number of federal judges across the United States who deemed it unconstitutional.

Some are saying the Supreme Court justices may never resolve the most contentious issues of the travel ban when they meet again in October, but they still elected to uphold the order.

On today's "Dana," former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy , who told Dana Loesch it is more appropriately named a travel "restriction," said this is not much of a victory for President Trump.

With the stipulation that travelers with personal or business connections may still visit, he did not view the decision as a victory for national security, saying, "There is a higher interest in these Americans who are trying to vindicate the 'rights' of these aliens to come to the United States."

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