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Think Tank debates: Should certain subjects be off limits for comedians?

Glenn Beck

As TheBlaze reported last Saturday, Samantha Bee, host of political comedy show "Full Frontal" on TBS, recently stirred up controversy by mocking conservative writer Kyle Coddington, an attendee at the Conservative Political Action Conference, or CPAC, for having "Nazi hair." When Coddington's sister revealed his haircut was a result of stage four terminal brain cancer, Bee issued a formal apology and donated to Coddington's medical expense fund.

Following up on his comments last week, Glenn Beck debated the controversy with the Think Tank gang Monday evening on "Glenn." JP Decker and Booey Mittelstadt argued that mocking people for their physical appearance — including hair or dress — and jokes about the Nazi regime, which was responsible for some of the most horrific human rights violations in world history, should be off-limits to comedians.

Beck, meanwhile, believes successful comedians typical mock all sides of every issue rather than focusing on demeaning one group, and he sited the sustained success of Fox's hit animated series "The Simpsons" as an example of this even-handed approach. Doc Thompson also chimed in to underscore the dangers of declaring certain subject taboo.

"All we're doing is creating a more sensitive society with this stuff," Doc offered. "It may not be nice to do, but safe spaces just make people more sensitive."

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