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This is the way that they take control over society': Is 'green' the new communism?


Pat unleashed the phone lines and allowed callers to voice any concern they've had this week and one of those was the science "denier" thing. So often, conservatives are accused of denying science because they don't buy into what progressives are selling about climate change.

Who said it was more of a threat than terrorism? Oh, that's right ... Bernie Sanders. People are being indoctrinated by this idea and Pat and Stu just aren't having any of it. So many bogus headlines have been debunked by actual scientists but nobody's listening.

"It's getting pretty scary," said Pat. "This is why we talk about it so much. This is one of mine and Stu's pet issues because this is the new communism. Green is new red."

Is 'green' the new red to you?

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