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This woman can remember her whole life


Her first memory is from when she was 12 days old being put into a baby car seat in the car. On Wednesday’s “The Glenn Beck Radio Program,” Glenn Beck talked to Rebecca Sharrock, one of just 80 people in the world with a rare condition that makes them remember every detail in their lives.

Sharrock’s remarkable memory captures details like the weather and what she ate each day. She can remember seeing the world around her when she was still a baby and couldn’t yet move or respond to it.

“Until I was 21, I thought everyone remembered in that kind of way,” Sharrock said. She discovered that she was one of only a few people who have Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory.

“Many years ago, I used to look at it as a curse because I wouldn’t like reliving all the stuff that I do,” Sharrock said.

But having HSAM isn’t all bad. The best part of having a superhuman memory is being able to relive your favorite memories in a detailed way. “The thing that makes me so happy about my HSAM is that I can still enjoy my birthdays and Christmases in the same way like I did as a child,” Sharrock explained.

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