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Tomi: Maddow failed 'big league' in her mission to destroy Trump and only made him stronger


On Wednesday night's episode of "Tomi," host Tomi Lahren gave a sincere thank you to Rachel Maddow for displaying her excessive bitterness and unknowingly helping the cause of the very president she hates so  much. Maddow claimed that she had a bombshell, but it turned out that all she revealed was that Trump made a lot of money and paid a lot of taxes.

"Cue the applause Rachel, you broke some major news with that," Tomi says with sarcasm.

Tomi explains how Maddow spent two years demonizing Trump for his wealth only to have paid a higher set of taxes than the Obamas, Sanders, Romney, and MSNBC.

"To those like Bernie Sanders who have built a political career on a utopia of socialism and demonizing the wealthy — here's a little lesson in economics. Rich people create jobs, rich people fund your precious entitlements, rich people pay a hell of a lot more in taxes than most Americans make in ten lifetimes and yes rich people paid their fair freaking share," Tomi remarked.

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