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Universities roll out their resources to support anti-Trump protests

Dana Loesch

Glenn Reynolds, PJ Meida and USA Today columnist, joined Dana Loesch for a moment of clarity around the ongoing anti-Trump protests, especially on college campuses.

“It’s all over,” Reynolds says. “It’s easy to pile on the students — and the students involved in this are stupid — but at most campuses it’s actually a tiny minority of the student body. Most of the students think it’s stupid.”

Reynolds accused college administrators of being behind the movement, keeping it alive and encouraging students all along the way, completely taking sides with the Democratic agenda.

He says that if Hillary Clinton would have won, universities would have labeled the protests "racist" and none of them would have gained close to as much attention and ground. But, he says, “if somebody’s unhappy that Trump won, the university just rolls out all of its resources, and by doing all this, sends a signal. They’re basically treating (the results of the election) like a terrorist attack.”

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