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VA shooting highlights our need to humanize one another again -- here's how

Glenn Beck

There are five fundamental moral foundations, says author and doctor of social psychology Jonathan Haidt. Glenn Beck took to the felt board on Wednesday's "Glenn" to explicate them for the Think Tank.

Three are mainly occupied by conservatives, two are the realm of liberals, and libertarians manage to dwell in all five. Conservatives generally value loyalty and are incensed by betrayal.

Glenn tossed out a recent example: "You didn't vote for Donald Trump? You were for Hillary! You're betraying the tribe!"

Conservatives also place a high priority on sanctity, being capable of finding things sacred. Therefore, the political left disgusts them, as they are happy to defecate on police cars to make a point. This also ties into the conservative respect for authority.

Liberals are concerned about Care versus Harm. They argue that if we don't have universal health care, children will die. They are also concerned about oppression of minorities, but don't see it as solvable by its flip side, liberty, which, to conservatives, is plain as day.

Only libertarians can only do both of these, Glenn said, citing as an example the their desire to make the prison system just.

The answer is inside the problem, he concluded. TheBlaze audience is the greatest tribe in all media, he asserted, and if we're all on the same page, "we can change the world."

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