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Victim of Tennessee wildfires spreads message of hope

Glenn Beck

Greg Ruff, a resident of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, calls into The Glenn Beck Radio Program to describe the devastation caused by the ongoing wildfires sweeping the South. Greg's father-in-law was forced to flee the conflagration, leaving behind his home and the many works of art he's produced over the years. Despite his misfortune, he provides an inspiring example of hopefulness and gratitude.

"He (Greg's father-in-law) is downstairs with his daughter, and they're laughing and all that kind of stuff," Greg relates. "And I go down a few minutes later, and we're talking and he paused and said, 'I'm grateful for my life. I've had a good life. I'm glad I'm alive. That stuff (that was lost in the fire) doesn't matter.' And that's the kind of stuff we need in our world today.'"

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