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Viral video of little girl yelling at Trump was fake news


Thousands of people retweeted a video clip last week that seemed to show a little girl giving President Donald Trump a piece of her mind. But as it turned out, the clip was actually cut from Comedy Central and featured an impersonator as the president.

Stu Burguiere and Jeffy Fisher had the details on yet another fake news story on Tuesday’s “Pat & Stu.” Apparently the Comedy Central logo was cut from the footage, making it look real even though Trump was actually played by impersonator Anthony Atamanuik on “The President Show.”

After the isolated video clip garnered hundreds of thousands of retweets, Atamanuik caught it and clarified that he was the actor in the clip. He did note that the little girl “wasn’t an actor,” implying that her reaction was the real deal.

The viral clip is a reminder to double-check before retweeting. “I remember seeing this the first time and thinking when I saw it, ‘That’s not real,’” Jeffy said. Stu pointed out that the story would likely be “all over the news” if it had actually happened.

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