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Watch: Garth Bunk 'exposes' the 'trooth' about Glenn Beck

The Wonderful World of Stu

Only one man follows "the trooth" so closely, it's tried to take out a restraining order. It's Garth Bunk of MSNBS, who made his triumphant return to Stu Burguiere's "Wonderful World Of Stu" with a new, searing expose on Glenn Beck.

The "King of the Reblundercans" seems to rebranding himself as a cuddly, lovable character, but Bunk has the selectively edited proof that this just more of Beck's "lieing." He is clearly a racist and sexual deviant, no matter what unedited, correct video a Conservadope shows you.

But don't take our word for it. Watch and see what Garth Bunk "Garthentees" is the "trooth!"

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