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Watch: Here's what you need to know about the FCC's possible rollback of net neutrality

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Net neutrality, an Obama era regulation that prevents internet service providers (ISPs) from discriminating against or charging consumers more for specific websites or content, may end soon.

The Federal Communications Commission will vote Dec. 14 on a proposal that would put an end to government regulation of ISP rates. If net neutrality is revoked, the internet would return to the pre-2015 regulations, in other words: the free market.

"Net neutrality was sold to the public on the basis that with out it ISPs might start punishing high data end users by throttling speeds, blocking sites like Netflix, charging more for fast lanes," said Sara Gonzales, in this short video-explainer of net neutrality.

"Interestingly enough, none of the people who pushed net neutrality in the first place ever bothered to explain why ISPs had never actually done these things before. The reason, it turns out, it pretty simple. ISP's have to compete with each other in a free market."

Watch the video above to get the full scoop.

To see more from Sara, visit the “Contributors” channel on TheBlaze.

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