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Watch how liberals confuse our youth with numerous gender pronouns

Pat and Stu

On this episode of “Pat & Stu,” the guys discussed Showtime’s “Shameless” and a scene regarding the many gender pronouns liberals have created. Although the scene can easily be mistaken for a comedy sketch, it’s dead serious.

It begins with a young man named Ian who is introduced to a new group of friends at lunch. It quickly becomes confusing for Ian when everyone at the table begins introducing themselves along with the titles and pronouns of their preference.

“Ian, this is my crew from the LGBTQIA center,” says Ian’s friend.

The first person to introduce herself, along with her pronouns and racial identity, is Bethany.

“I’m Bethany. I’m a tri-racial, cisgendered girlfag. I identify as pansexual and my pronoun is she.” Oh, it gets worse.

The next person to introduce themselves is Emerson.

“Hi. Emerson. Gender-fluid, heteroromantic, demisexual mutt. I’m a red head. My pronoun is ze.”

The more the scene progresses, the more outlandish and confusing things become for Ian.

“That’s not a comedy?” host Pat Gray asked. “That’s a comedy, right?”

The days of effortless introductions are gone. A simple “Hi, my name is Sally” hangs by a thread in liberal circles.

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