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Watch: If your camel is too 'beautiful,' it may arouse suspicion in this camel contest


Oh, what a beautiful … camel?

Camels have long been a cultural symbol in Saudi Arabia. The Middle Eastern nation puts on a camel beauty contest each year as part of a month-long festival event that features around 30,000 camels altogether.

This year, at least 12 camels were disqualified from competing in the beauty contest because their owners had injected their lips with Botox.

More Botox, more problems

The camels’ beauty must be “natural” for them to compete, but owners still try to get away with Botox injections to enhance the drooping lips and other camel features.

“It makes the head more inflated so when the camel comes, it’s like, ‘Oh, look at how big that head is,’ ” Ali al-Mazrouei, son of a leading camel breeder, told the United Arab Emirates newspaper The National. “It has big lips, a big nose.”

So what does a “beautiful camel” look like?

Doc had the story on today’s show as he and Kal tried to figure out how camels can be judged on beauty and exactly why Botox helps in this area.

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