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Watch: Is Trump to blame for Hawaii missile alert debacle?

Watch: Is Trump to blame for Hawaii missile alert debacle?

Hawaii’s Governor David Ige issued an apology Sunday for the erroneous missile alert which caused widespread panic in Hawaii the day before. President Donald Trump told reporters Sunday evening that he thought it was "terrific" that Hawaii “took total responsibility” for the false alarm, and that the federal government would be more involved going forward.

Remind me...

Amid ever-increasing threats from North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Hawaii has been developing a nuclear warning system that would alert residents to an impending nuclear missile strike. On Saturday, a false alert issued by the state's Emergency Management Agency that a ballistic missile was inbound to Hawaii accidentally went out to everyone in the state.

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Hawaii officials apologized and took full responsibility for the false alarm, saying the alert was sent when an employee mistakenly hit the wrong button during a shift change.

"We merely bring to the surface the hidden tension that is already alive."

~ Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Tensions between North Korea and the US have been mounting for years but rose dramatically in the last year after a series of missile and nuclear weapons tests conducted by Kim Jong Un. President Trump has responded aggressively, saying repeatedly that diplomacy is not the answer, but critics claim the president's combative stance has further destabilized an already volatile situation.

Jamil N. Jaffer, Founder of National Security Institute, joined Doc Thompson on today's "The Morning Blaze" to discuss North Korean nuclear capabilities and whether or not President Trump shares some of the blame in the Hawaii false alert debacle.

"We've had a 20 year failed bipartisan policy on North Korea. We've essentially allowed them to get a nuclear weapon. They now have a nuclear weapon that they believe, and we believe may be able to reach parts of the United States including Hawaii," said Jaffer. "To be clear, they haven't tested a weapon that can actually go that distance, or can actually survive the takeoff on a ballistic missile or the reentry to the atmosphere ... but the fact that we're here, and we're even talking about a North Korean nuclear missile reaching the United States is a demonstration of what a failed policy we have. A lot of people have been very critical of President Trump's policies on North Korea and the way he's approached it. While you might disagree with the tone, the reality is that any American President would have to respond very aggressively, and should respond very aggressively to a nuclear armed North Korea because it is completely unacceptable to have the situation we're currently in."

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