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Watch: New York state prisoners will get free tablets – here’s why there’s more to the story

Doc Thompson

What’s going on?

New York state prisoners are getting tablets through a unique program with a private company. In the deal, JPay will give tablets to the around 51,000 inmates in New York state’s prison system.

Will prisoners be able to access the internet?

No. The program is intended to let inmates read books, listen to music and communicate with friends and family through a secured network that doesn’t use Wi-Fi. Prisoners will also be able to file reports about mistreatment by prison staff, sexual abuse and other problems.

Who is paying for the tablets?

JPay, a company that provides technology and services so inmates can stay in touch with friends and family, is providing the tablets at no extra cost to the New York state government.

Does JPay have a self-interested motive for giving away free tablets? How does this program benefit them? On today’s show, Doc and Jeffy debated whether this tablet giveaway is something conservatives can support since taxpayer dollars aren’t paying for the tablets themselves.

“Maybe this is a good thing,” Doc said.

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