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Watch: Scientist explains why 'settled science' destroys science

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Doc Thompson talked about the anti-science climate change movement with Dr. Stephen Meyer, a former geophysicist and college professor, at the March for Science on Saturday.

Scientists and supporters marched this past Saturday in Washington, D.C., and around the country to protest the current presidential administration and advocate for more government funding for research. The participants called for “robustly funded and publicly communicated science” that fits a liberal agenda.

Dr. Meyer explained why saying something is “settled science” goes completely against the scientific method.

“Science depends on the method known as the method of multiple competing hypotheses,” he said. “So if you say, ‘There’s only one hypothesis we’re going to consider,’ you shut down the evaluation of all the others. And yet that [evaluation] is inherent to the scientific method.”

Dr. Meyer warned about the dangers of science that promotes dogma instead of evaluating evidence. Contrary to what progressives would have people believe, the scientific community does not agree that climate change is an imminent threat.

“It’s not a consensus,” Dr. Meyer said. “There’s disagreement.”

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