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WATCH: Steven Crowder confronts transgender who threatened to slash his tires. Meltdowns ensue.


During a trip to Austin, Texas, comedian and host of Louder with Crowder, Steven Crowder, confronted a transgender juice barista who threatened online to slash his tires and teach him a lesson about “never making himself vulnerable again."

This same 'social justice warrior' was also responsible for defacing a Robert E. Lee statue, which he bragged about on social media. “I know a few people who really mean business around here ... I worked with some on the Robert E. Lee statue we had on campus. That was us. We've done some other things, and it's been suggested we create a chapter," he wrote.

But when Crowder showed up at the juice bar to ask the Twitter big-talker why he thought it was okay to threaten people and destroy property, he was suddenly at a loss for words. Watch the reaction below.

Steven Crowder joined Glenn Beck on “The Glenn Beck Radio Program" to discuss this and other examples of hostile behavior and incivility on the left. "I think a lot of people aren't aware of just how violent they are," he said.

Watch the clip at the top of the page to catch more of the conversation.

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