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Fast Facts: Yes, Bernie Sanders, Americans are ‘compassionate’ – here's the proof

Doc Thompson

Liberals claim that Americans – especially conservatives – are not charitable people because we live in a capitalist society. Doc Thompson debunked Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-Vt.) assertion that Americans are not compassionate in a “Fast Facts” breakdown.

During his Senate confirmation hearing for Secretary of Health and Human Services, Tom Price described Americans as “compassionate,” a concept met with a strong objection from Sanders.

The senator countered Price with progressive talking points about American poverty, implying that we need bigger government policies to fix these problems.

“Liberals have a hard time accepting that Americans like to give,” Doc said.

But a look at the data shows that we don’t need government for charitable giving because Americans will step up for those in need – especially conservatives. The Chronicle of Philanthropy found in a 2014 study that voters in more conservative states were likely to give more than voters in blue states. The top 17 states that gave the most to charity based on percentage of income voted for Mitt Romney, the study found.

As Sen. Rand Paul pointed out, “We’re an incredibly compassionate society.” America’s free-market policies work, while socialist countries like Venezuela crumble.

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