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You know you're on the right side of the election, when the other side is burning flags, Tomi says


A rowdy crowd of anti-Trump demonstrators can’t intimidate Tomi Lahren, firebrand host of TheBlaze’s Tomi.

"It started with the occupy Wall Street brats, moved on the the more militant and overtly aggressive Black Lives Matter More crowd, cycled through the DNC’s paid violence instigator (initiative) and now here we are November of 2016 with President-elect Donald Trump in a crowd of misfit babies formed from every failed movement, all sandwiched together to become the largest group of whiners our country has ever seen,” Tomi said.

Lahren says that if Hillary Clinton or President Obama really had integrity and a love for country, they would have already come out strongly and visibly to condemn the movement for hurting the country’s unity.

But, ironically, Lahren quoted powerhouses like Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton repeatedly saying they take the high road during political squabbles.

One Trump protestor even held a sign that said, “Rape Melania,” something that was trending on Twitter.

“I guess you know you’re on the right side of the election when the loses are burning flags and acting like total jackasses. They don’t get it. These protestors and the PC, safe space, intellectually dishonest, snowflakes played a huge role in Trump’s victory.”

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