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You were right': NYT op-ed celebrates Karl Marx's birthday with a case for communism


More than a hundred million people dead would seem to be a convincing argument against communism. But not for the New York Times, which decided to mark the birthday of revolutionary Karl Marx with an opinion piece headlined "Happy Birthday, Karl Marx. You Were Right!"

On today's show, Glenn parodied the Times's "happy birthday" with a satirical response from Marx himself that held some actual truths about communism.

"I cannot accept the accolades you have provided," Glenn as "Marx" read. "While the piece is fairly written well, it does contain weird tangents and a fanboy approach, especially considering the death toll of my 'philosophy' has accrued roughly 150 million. It’s actually far more than that — believe me, I’ve talked to Mao and Stalin; those guys are crazy."

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