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YouTube strikes down four Alex Jones videos citing child endangerment and hate speech


YouTube struck down four videos by InfoWars host Alex Jones on Tuesday for violating community guidelines. Two of the guidelines violated involved child endangerment and hate speech. Jones has 2.4 million viewers on YouTube and many have called on the tech giant to censor his controversial and conspiratorial content.

According to a report by The Verge, two of the videos deleted contained hate speech against Muslims and transgender people. One video in which Jones accuses Robert Mueller of being a child rapist was not among those deleted by YouTube.

Content creators receive three strikes within a three month period before having their YouTube channel completely deleted. The fourth video deleted by YouTube depicted a child being shoved to the ground by a man with the headline: "How to prevent liberalism."

The last strike Jones received prior to yesterday was in February following the Parkland massacre in which he accused Parkland students of being paid "crisis actors."

See the clip above for more. 

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