Venezuela shows that ‘government control ruins people’s lives’

Venezuela is quickly disintegrating as people turn on President Nicolás Maduro following years of recession and poverty.

On “Pat & Stu,” the guys took a look at BBC News coverage of the devastation. People in Venezuela are lining up to wait for bread, while inflation has spiked by 1,000 percent. Venezuela’s capital, Caracas, is now the most dangerous capital city in the world, with some desperate people resorting to kidnappings as a way to make money to feed their families.

“This is what happens every freaking time,” Stu Burguiere said of socialist policies.

“It’s a socialist country. Socialist policies are failing,” Pat Gray explained. “They were failing under [former President Hugo] Chavez; he just kept it under wraps better.”

Stu noted that while media coverage tends to slant the recent protests and unrest as a populist movement, the real cause is socialist leadership and government control. He described the distinction:

They’re talking about populism as the cause. Now all of a sudden, socialism is populism because Donald Trump is associated with populism so it’s seen as bad. But I mean, this has been going on for a long time, long before Donald Trump. And it’s important to realize that this is about socialism; it’s about socialism ruining people’s lives. Government control ruins people’s lives.

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