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Bill Maher: Be happy and vote for Joe Biden
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Bill Maher: Be happy and vote for Joe Biden

The out-of-touch "everyman" needs to shake the TDS and wake up to reality.

Millions of Americans are deeply unhappy. In fact, for the first time in more than a decade, the United States no longer ranks in the top 20 happiest countries.

Well, Bill Maher has a message for you miserable saps: Cheer up!

Maher is many things, but he’s not stupid. He knows that Biden is not the man he once was, but he can’t bring himself to admit it or to be honest with his viewers.

During a recent monologue on his HBO show, Maher went to great lengths to convince Americans that everything, contrary to popular belief (and what your bank balance is telling you), is just fine. Biden’s America, he suggested, is doing splendidly.

Although he made a valid point about young people’s tendency to self-diagnose and romanticize mental illness, the tone in which Maher delivered his monologue was extremely condescending.

Private jet politics

Maher isn’t just any old talking head. In fact, according to a recent Mediaite report, the 68-year-old is now one of the most trusted political commentators in the country. What he says carries a great deal of weight, and that should worry anyone who values honest, objective analyses.

That's because much of what he says is nonsensical. During the monologue, Maher, in the most patronizing of tones, blasted those who fail to appreciate the supposedly great job Joe Biden has done and continues to do.

“Why are Biden’s approval ratings so low when things are generally pretty good?” Maher asked, before stating that “wages are rising, unemployment is negligible, the stock market is soaring, we somehow brushed off both the Trump presidency and the pandemic.”

Maher, worth somewhere in the region of $140 million, is of course entirely detached from reality. Secluded in his Beverly Hills residence, Maher regularly boasts about his love of traveling on his private jet.

Although he presents himself as the voice of reason and a man of the people, his commentaries clearly demonstrate that he lives a very different life from the vast majority of his viewers. Maher doesn’t have to worry about something like inflation but most Americans do — and for good reason.

Just look at the Common Man Consumer Price Index, which gauges inflation using a selection of essential items. It shows that soaring inflation during Biden's tenure has caused a decrease of approximately 7% in the standard of living for the average working individual since 2021. From a carton of eggs to fuel, everything is more expensive under Joe — but try telling this to Maher, a man who, not that long ago, was actively rootingfor a recession.

Head in the toilet?

In his monologue, the comedian told viewers to “stop acting like life in America in 2024 is unbearable. Biden’s ratings are in the toilet not because he’s doing such a bad job,” he argued, but “because a lot of Americans like to live with their head in the toilet.”

In recent times, Maher has routinely defended Biden, insisting that the president is not cognitively compromised. At the same time, Maher believes that the best winning strategy for Biden ahead of November is to make an appearance “every once in a while."

Maher is many things, but he’s not stupid. He knows that Biden is not the man he once was, but he can’t bring himself to admit it or to be honest with his viewers.


Perhaps it has something to do with Trump Derangement Syndrome. Maher, like so many in our media class, has been struggling with the crippling illness since 2016.

Long TDS support group

A few weeks ago, he and fellow TDS sufferer Robert DeNiro discussed the existential dangers associated with a second Trump presidency.

Now, I am not here to defend Donald Trump, not that he needs my help anyway.

But the manner in which the two men are fearmongers and appealed to emotion rather than objective thinking was rather embarrassing.

Maher regularly labels Trump authoritarian, but at the very same time actively champions Gavin Newsom, the slick-haired slimeball who declared a state of emergency during the COVID-19 pandemic, suspended numerous laws, closed public schools, and implemented a widespread shutdown of the state's economy, resulting in the loss of nearly 3 million jobs and pushing the state into a severe recession.

Newsom has also enacted several laws aimed at restricting or eliminating behaviors that he and his fellow Democrats deem inappropriate, such as gun ownership and the sale of gasoline-powered cars.

Maher, it seems, is both disingenuous and hypocritical.

To compound matters, he regularly ridicules religious believers as well as anyone unsophisticated enough to get married or have children.

I love a good joke as much as anyone, but the manner in which Maher mocks the average American is not funny. It’s mean. Maher positions himself as a comic, but anyone who has actually watched his stand-up knows that he’s not really that funny. He’s a pundit and a heavily biased one at that.

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